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One in three pets will become lost during their lifetime.  According to the American Humane Association, only about 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats ever find their way back to their original owners. 
To help give your pet the best chance of being identified should he ever become lost, have him implanted with the HomeAgain microchip.

Tags and collars are a good start - they're certainly better than no ID at all - but they aren't 100% dependable. Tags can fade, rust, or get scratched, making them impossible to read. Collars can tear or slip off, or get caught on something while your pet is wandering. With the HomeAgain microchip, on the other hand, your pet's source of identification is always available. To microchip your pet, a veterinarian injects a tiny chip about the size of a grain of rice just under your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. The number on the chip is then entered into the HomeAgain database.

When a lost pet is found, any animal hospital, shelter, or humane society can use a special handheld microchip scanner to read our microchip's unique ID number. The veterinarian or shelter then contacts the HomeAgain database. The database matches the number to a name and phone number making it easier to reunite the lost pet with its owner.
There is an annual membership fee of $17.99 (which is optional after the first year) and with that comes some great benefits such as:
24-7 emergency veterinary care, lost pet medical insurance, and travel assistance for found pets.
We do offer a discount on microchipping on all surgeries.